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Why start a Prayer Group?

You may well ask, Why start a Prayer Group?"; This is a good and valid question!

Whilst joining a prayer group is for all Christians, not everyone is called to start them or to lead them. This is something that the Lord will press into your heart from time to time, arousing a desire to start one, or to lead one in your local Parish or area.

Joining a prayer group is a very valuable service to others, knowing they can come to a prayer group, where committed Christians are always available and  welcoming to them; to hear their prayers and to share with them what their needs are. Members can come and go, coming to the prayer group, without any committement or obligation to be there, but those runing or leading them must be committed to ensure that they run regularly and on days and times people will be familiar with.

It is a great act of Charity and service to others; people who may be, from time to time, in desperate need of someone to pray for them or their loved ones. It requires committment, devotion, and sacrifice on behalf of those who run or lead it.

Yet with all the effort and sacrifice involved, there is a tremendous joy when you see members coming back, again and again, because they can truely feel the presence of God's love there, in the fellowship with others there, where they can gain the strength to continue their Christian walk.

It is even more rewarding when you get un-baptised or un-church people coming for help and later on they become members of your prayer group and church community, with a testimony to praise God with, through our Saviour Jesus Christ.

In short, the answer to the question is:-



This is just a couple of good reasons of why to start a prayer group.

However, you should seek out advice and help from experienced prayer group leaders in your area who's established prayer groups you can join to help develop your own Prayer Group Leadership Skills, as well as to grow into the role yourself, through prayer, and through a release of God's annointing in your life, to be able to do this with His power and for His Glory, since all Prayer Groups, and Prayer Group members all belong to Him first, and Prayer Group leaders are Stewarts, taking care of what belongs to the Lord.

If you believe the Lord is calling you to start a prayer group in your own Parish or area let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we will try to advise and help you, to get started.  



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