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How to Start a Prayer Group

You may find that people will say that you need a minimum of two or three people to start a prayer group. But in reality, if this is a move by God upon you, then you by yourself, with God backing you is enough to start!

God will usually want to change your attitude towards the prayer group, the people who come, and youself and your role (your relationship with God), so that God becomes the God of the prayer group and not you!

In addition to this you may find trials and tests come to test your committment to the Prayer Group, and you should not be surprised if at those times when you are supposed to be going to set up for the prayer groups, distractions and temptations come to steal away your loyalty and committment to the prayer group, even from those family members closest to you! Pray for the grace to deal with these in a loving but firm way. and as you do, you will be growing not only spiritually, but in God's annointing and favour for this work.

Once you have adjusted to this and your attitude is rght with God and those who will come, then you will find that God will begin to bring people to your prayer group. First a few and then more and more as you grow spiritually and in relationship to Jesus Christ!

You can in the mean time pray and seek out other people you know that may want to join you, but most of all in your prayers, ask God to give you revelation as to what he wants you to do?

As members increase in your prayer group, and the annointing grows on your prayer group, through your obedience to God, and a love for Him and those who come, then you can look at formation of those most committed to coming every time.

Do not be disheartened if numbers remain low, that is not as important as ensuring that you are doing God's will, and His annointing is upon you and the prayer group. With God's presence in your prayer group, things will happen, testimonies will come, and the word will get around, sooner or later, as you endure with your committment to God to provide this wonderful service to His people.

Now that the process has been sumarised, you may want to check some fundamentals on running a prayer group:-

  • Choose a suitable meeting place. It's always best to meet in Church though you can meet in each other's home; meet outside in a park; find a spare room in the office during your lunch hour.
  • If it is in Church, make sure you get your Parish Priests or Pastors permission before you launch.
  • Make a commitment to meet at a certain time once a week, fortnightly, monthly, or whatever suits you. But try to keep it regular so people are not confused as to when the next meeting is?
  • You may want to produce an A4 Poster or Little Card with the relevant information to put up on to notice boards or to hand out
  • Set aside a specific time period - most groups are comfortable with one hour but it depends the the time of day, or if it's during lunch at work etc.... We find two to two and a half hours because of the size of our group. 
  • If you wish to bring your prayer group to the attention of others, begin to advertise as soon as possible. A notice could be placed in church or school newsletters and bulletins, or in community noticeboards. It will attract other Christians to your group, and it will let your church and/or community know that you are praying for them.

    As your prayer group grows and have a growing team of committed members, you may decide to have a special day, with the approval of your Parish priest or Pastor, where you can have guest speakers, and prayer ministry, etc 

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