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Your Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is responsible for the annual planning of the Prayer Meetings as well as all their ongoing activities throughout the year. They are Committed Members of the Prayer Group who have decided to take a more active role in the growth of the prayer Group and it's Members.

They generally meet 3 or 4 times a year to discuss various issues relating to the prayer group and their activities.

[Actual details coming soon!]

Person 1 - Chair

The Chair  is responsible for the overall direction and activities of the prayer group. Acting on behalf of the Committee and the decisions made the Chair, with the support of the Committee, enables the successful materialisation of any plans and prgrammes. The Chair is also responsible for setting the example in the way the Committee is led and also on how the prayer meetings are conducted as well as encouraging new members to join and develop according to the Mission, Aims and Objectives of the group. 

Person 2 - Vice Chair

The Vice-Chair is responsible for providing support to the Chair in the groups activities and to act on behalf of the Chair in their absence. Working closely with the Chair the Vice Chair will be involved with all or most of the activities the Chair is responsible for.

Person 3 - Secretary

The Secretary is Responsible for taking minutes of all the Committee Meetings and distributing them among all the Committiee Members and through liaising with other Members of the Committee will enable information to flow to the Pray Group Members as and when required. The secretary will also be responsible in keeping all contact information of the Prayer Group Members and pass on to them any information that the Committee requires and will assist the Publicity & Communications Co-ordinator in their Role in passing on any information from them, on behalf of the Committee. The Secretary will also be responsible in managing the Rota of Leaders who will rotate in Leading the weekly Prayer Meeting according to the needs of the Committee and the group. They will also work and liaise with the Events and Planning and Volunteering Co-ordinator to assist them in their work.

Person 4 - Treasurer

Acting on behalf of the Committee, the Treasurer is responsible for managing all the finances of the group. Taking all Donations and any other income recieved to the bank as well as for Issuing Cheque Payments for payments according to the needs of the group. The Treasurer will provide financial statements at all Committee Meetings and inform the committee of Bank Balances and of any pending payments as well as any payments made or are due.

Person 5 - Publicity & Communications Co-ordinator

Acting on behalf of the Committee, the Publicity and Communications Co-ordinator is Repsonsible for Producing all Publicity Literature, including Posters, Leaflets and Editorials required for the Catholic People and the Good News Magazine, and any other publications as is required by the Committee. 

Person 6 - Events Planning & Volunteering Co-ordinator

Acting on Behalf of the Committee the Events Planning & Volunteer Co-ordinator will plan out the Volunteers required for each activity or Event and encourage Members of the Prayer Group to take a more active role at these events for their efficient and  successful implementation. They will therefore have a good understanding of the outline of the programmes and events and their order for any given day. They will also be responsible for inviting potential Prayer Group Members to join the Committee, where the Committee has identified the need for a recruitment of Members to Apply as a Committee Member. The final discernment and decision for any candidate to join the committee will rest with the Committee as a whole.

Person 7 - Prayer Ministry Co-ordinator

Acting on behalf of the Committee the Prayer Ministry Co-ordinator will be responsible in advising the group on the best practice in Prayer Ministry and the latest Guidance Proceedures for the prayer Ministry Team to follow. They will also be responsible for the effective training of any New Members of the Prayer Group who wish to Join the Prayer Ministry Team and are found suitable and mature enough to join this ministry.

Person 8 - Intercessions Co-ordinatory

Acting on behalf of the Committee the Intercessions Co-ordinator will be responsable for managing the Prayer Intercessions. This will be for those in the group as well as anyone who has requested prayers through the website or through any other person. They will also be responsible to get feedback from time to time from those who have requested prayers so that the group knows the latest status concering any particular prayer request. They will also, in the event of an answered prayer, they help anyone who would like to Testify to their prayers being answered in producing a Testimony both for the prayer group and also for the website, should that particular person expressed a wish to testify in public. A form will be used for this, or a letter recived from any person wishing to Testify, giving us permission, to use publicaly.

The following Roles, whilst not necessary to be part of the Committee, will also be required on a Volunteering (V) or Commercial Basis (C) and play key roles in the overall effectiveness of the group:-

  • Website/Webmaster (C)
  • Hospitality (V)
  • Praise and Worship (V)
  • Representation of the Prayer Group or Liaison with Other related Committees, such as the Cardiff DST or the Welsh NSC (V)
  • Representation of the Prayer Group on the St Peter's Parish Council (V)

The Prayer Group may also, from time to time, consider bringing volunteers, who are gifted, from outside of the prayer group.

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