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Costs & Donations

Joining our Prayer group is Free and attending our weekly meeting is always Free.

At certain times of the year we do have requests for Donations in order to cover the costs associated with the running of the prayer group,and it's activities, such as:-

  • the talks and materials;
  • photocopies of information,
  • maintenance of the Hymn books
  • Introduction of new programmes
  • costs associated with inviting outside speakers to come to speak at any special event we plan
  • Maintenance of the website

"No one is obliged to contribute to the associated costs and there is no pressure to contribute."

How to Make a Donation

Everyone is left to help in any way they can and according to how little or as much as they are able to help

If you would like to help us financially by making a Donation towards our Mission and Programmes please never send Cash by Post; either

1. Come yourself and bring your Donation with you or

2. Post your Cheque to St Peter's Prayer Group, St Peter's Street, Roath, Cardiff CF24 3BA, Wales UK

and please make your Cheque Payable to "St Peter's Prayer & Healing Ministry Fellowship"

Thank you.

[PS: We pray that God repays you double what you send us and blesses you, your family, home and all that you have.]

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