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Starting a Prayer Group

Jesus said:-

John 15:16 - New American Standard Bible (NASB)

16 You did not choose Me but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit, and that your fruit would remain, so that whatever you ask of the Father in My name He may give to you.

Whether you are a member of a prayer group thinking of joining a prayer group, or a prayer group leader, or a Pastor or parish priest, you can rejoice in the blessings that come in joining or running an annointed prayer group. It pleases and glorifies Jesus for us to bear fruit, and through that and for that, our prayers to our heavenly Father would be answered, when we ask in the name of His Son, Jesus.

Think of the joy as new members join your growing prayer group on an ongoing basis,  and seeing them grow in faith and and the virtues, as they develop a deeper understanding of their faith and their giftedness and more importantly their relationship to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Some members may want to get more involved in helping with the setting up and arrangements of the prayer meetings as well as with events and activities that you may want to plan in.

Forming a committee or steering group will become more possible as the numbers to your prayer group grow. There is always something for every member to do to help, in one way or another; so having members who wish to volunteer to help you is a key to forming the group, planning ahead and interfacing with the pastoral plan of the parish or church.

You can invite guest speakers or have a day or evening of renewal, or a healing service to help reach out to the parish or community to draw them to the grace and mercy of God's grace and power to help people realise that Jesus is well and alive! and His work continues through His Church, the faithful and all those who believe in Him.

If you are running a prayer group and need a fresh annointing to touch every member then get in touch and we will try to help you take your prayer group to become everything God wants it to be, annionted and glorifying His Holy name.

If you would like to start a prayer group and don't know how or where to begin, why not join us at our prayer group and let us pray for this intention, that the Lord may open a door for you to run your own prayer group in your own Church or Parish.

Prayer group meetings is the ground where the leaders of tomorrow are nutured and nourished, on a weekly basis, providing a platform for them to grow and use their gifts and talents.

If you are already running a prayer group then why not bring the whole group to us on any Tuesday evening and join us in a blessed and annointed prayer time, worship, and fellowship, where we can pray and minister to each other's needs.

Get in touch if you would like us to help you to get off the ground, or to help you build up on what you have.

God Bless.






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