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What is a Prayer Group?

A prayer group is a gathering of Christian individuals who come together to pray and worship to God together; coming to God through Jesus Christ and being guided and led by the Holy Spirit is always the aim, bringing all things back to Him and through Him.

Formats and outlines of meetings may vary slightly, and some may be devotional prayers, some may have a loose agenda, where the Holy Spirit is asked to guide the members. The latter kind is usually known as Charismatic Prayer Groups where the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are welcomed and encouraged. This is the type we run at our prayer group at St Peter's RC Church, Cardiff.

They usually have a leader to guide the group and to encourage the group and it's individual members learn how to listen to God as well as how to pray more effectively, using discenrment, not only as a group, but in the members own individual personal prayer life.

The Leader or core group will be committed members of the group, that will ususally keep each other and the members of the prayer group in their prayers, between meetings.

The Leaders encourage members to share their needs and intentions to the group for prayer, and may also encourage members to receiev prayer from the leaders, known as personal ministry, not only for their own intentions and needs but for their empowerment to live the Christian way, through the on-going renewal and power of the Holy Spirit.

In an atmosphere of love and trust members fears and axieties subside as their true nature and personality in Christ grows stronger so that they are able to deal with life's issues in their own personal lives; knowing also that they have fellow Christians who sincerely care and will keep them in their prayers helps, not just pshycologically but also in a real and practical way. and sometimes in supernatural ways as when prayers are heard and answered Divine grace breaks through in a situation to help people.