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Emmys Testimony of Healing

“I was Healed in 10 Minutes!” 

To God be the Glory!

When I first visited the Charismatic Prayer Group, at St Peter’s, I felt something in me that indicated to me that my coming to this prayer group would be a success.

Also, on my way home, all the traffic lights were unusually ALL green until I reached home!

To me it was a great sign that this prayer group is a fertile place to worship and praise the Lord Almighty.

I had been to this Prayer Group on only four occasions, one healing service and three prayer meetings. On the fourth session, which was a prayer meeting, held on the 11th June 2013, I received my healing from God.

What happened was: I came with my family; my cousin from Swansea, which was her first time to attend this prayer meeting, and my children. My cousin was looking forward to attending this prayer meeting since I had been keeping her up to date with the information from the prayer group.

The Prayer Group Leader asked my children what they would like us to pray to God for them. My youngest child said, “We want you to pray for our mother”. The prayer group leader asked “why what is wrong with your mother?”

“My mother takes a lot of medication every day and I want you to pray for her to stop taking them, because they are too much!”

The prayer group leader then asked me to come forward and some members of the group began to pray for me for about 10 minutes. After this the leader asked me how I felt and then asked me to take a few steps forward and to check myself, to see if anything had changed.

Honestly, when I moved forward and then backwards I did feel a bit of relief. I know now that I was healed at that moment, but it took me a while to believe it!

When I arrived home that night I no longer felt any back pains even whilst sitting in the car on my journey home, there was no pain! Later on that night, somehow, I forgot that I was sick, because I never had the pain in my back to remind me; I no longer has any pain in my back at all.

I only remembered in the morning when I was trying to get out of bed that the usual, agonising pain in my back, was completely gone! I realised this when I just got out of bed like a normal person; when usually I would have to get out gradually and painstakingly, with a lot of care and gentleness to avoid any moves that would increase the pain.

Since I felt no pain at all, and felt myself to be moving normally and without pain, I decided to check myself even more. I bent down; I jumped up; I even rolled on the floor twisting my body around and I rolled; I did all sorts of exercises trying to see if there was any pain, in any position, in case the pain was hidden somewhere, so I could find it.

It was at this point that I come to the reality of my healing. I said to myself, “I have really been healed!” and began to thank God and Jesus for healing me in just 10 minutes of prayer at the prayer group the evening before.

This healing has increased my faith in the Lord Jesus. I know that the Lord loves me. In this feeling I was compelled to examine my conscious, and every day since then. I feel the fire of His love in me.

Now when I read the Word of God, I know it is real and living and that what the Word says will manifest in me, and that the Word of God is true and effective.

Praise Almighty God, in the name of Jesus!


July 2013