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Prayer Meeting Testimonies

This is what members say about the prayer group:-

"The teaching is excellent; I really enjoy the praise and worship and coming together with people from all kinds of backgrounds and nationalities"  Helen - Newport

"The prayer group has helped me grow closer to Jesus Christ"  Sean - Cardiff

"This is a blessed prayer group, friendly and sincere people"  Marina from Cardiff

"This is a place where friends meet friends and we all meet Jesus, through prayer and the Holy Spirit" Daniel - Cardiff - May 2013

"What I love about this prayer group is that, from week to week, you never know what the Lord will do, and it still amazes me how God changes lives here and how the Holy Spirit moves each week!" Steve - Rhondda

"This prayer group receives everyone like one big friendly family, there is a real and tangible presence of God here when we pray; it has helped me become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit; the songs of praise uplift me. This prayer group has helped me gain peace and joy"  Marie - Cardiff

 "This prayer group is so friendly and accommodating; I have learnt so much about the Holy Spirit and how He can help me in my daily life!"  Rosina - Cardiff

 "This prayer group can completely transform you, for the better, through the Holy Spirit - I can honestly say, that since coming, I have become a New Creation!, I have been renewed in Christ Jesus; I recomend this to everyone and invite them to experience this for themselves."  Rebecca - Newport

"I come here because I can really feel God's presence; This prayer group has helped me get to know God better, and in a much deeper way; and has taught me to deal with things in a Godly way"          Solin - Cardiff

"This prayer meeting has helped me become more peaceful in myself, and it has helped to heal my nervousness. I always feel better here."  Brian - Cardiff

"Everyone here is very helpful, loving and Christ-like! It has helped me to become more open to the Holy Spirit. I would recommend it to everyone because I feel it could bring them healing, as well as bring them closer to God."  Sr Judith -Barry

"This prayer group is Spirit Filled, with a Loving acceptance ! The teaching is good, the sharing among members is abounding, the prayer and praise very uplifting. The prayers here help keep me focused on the Lord. What I like the most is the prayerfulness, friendliness of those here, and the real sense of belonging to a family here."  Mary - Pontypridd

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