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Walking in the Spirit Seminars [DVD Teaching Programme]

We have not yet run this series of seminars, but hope to in the near future. Please check back from time to time to ensure you are awar of when it will be run.

Coming Soon! Check back from time to time; Thank you.

It is for people who have been involved in ministry in the church or for those who have been inspired by the Holy Spirit to want to get involved in Mission and Evangelisation, in one way or another. This is a must for those who have been on "Life in the Spirit Seminar" and are inspired to get involved in church works or missions.

Walking in the Spirit is an inspiring and practical look at Discipleship for Catholics. It will help you grow in your relationship with God and equip you to serve Him more effectively.

Covers the following topics:-

  • The Call and Mission of the Disciple
  • Equiped by the Spirit
  • Responding to My Call
  • Empowered by Unity
  • Building the Kingdom
  • Fulfilling the Great Commission

Typlical evening outline:-

7:30pm Start, Welcome and Introduction

7:45pm Opening Prayers, Praise and Worship

8:00pm DVD Section 1

8:20pm Group discussion

8:40pm DVD section 2

9:00pm Prayerful response

9:15pm Closing Prayers, final hymn & Departure

[Prayer ministry available for those who request it following the concluding prayers]

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