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News July 2013

Welcome to the News Page of the St Peter's Prayer and Healing Ministry Fellowship, Cardiff, which now also includes that of St Gabriel's Prayer Group, Newport.

Newport Prayer Group Launches Wednesday 7th August 2013.

The Newport Prayer Group, which is affiliated to our own prayer group here in Cardiff, will be launching on the 7th August 2013 at 7:30 pm

Running on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday's of the month, it is hoped that the same blessings we have recived in our own prayer group in Cardiff will flow in the Newport Prayer Group. 

Prayer Group Leaders Rebecca and helen have been attending the Cardiff Prayer and Healing Ministry Fellowship for over 3 years now and feel they are ready to take that step of faith, in the Lord, to reach out to people in Newport and the surrounding areas through the new prayer group there.

The Newport prayer group will follow the same format as that in Cardiff and will have the support of the Cardiff Prayer Group Leaders and Members in order to help them develop into a blessed and successful prayer group.

As well as the prayer meetings twice a month it is hoped that there will also be a programme for Lenten talks and Life in the Seminars it is hoped that there will also be a Healing Service or Day of Renewal planned for 2014. More about this will be coming soon.

It is hoped that this relationship between the Cardiff and Newport Prayer Groups will help formulate a Prayer Group Development Programme for more people who wish to Start their own prayer meetings, in their Parish, around South Wales will help to provide the necessary teachings and development programme and leaders manual to help people to take the step in starting a prayer group, with the knowledge and support of experienced and established prayer group leaders and prayer groups.

If you would like to know more about starting a prayer group in your parish go to "Starting a Prayer Group", on our website.

Please keep Rebecca and Helen in your prayers, for the success of the Newport Prayer Group, and for the Healing and Conversion of those who go there.

Increase in Signs and Wonders in the Cardiff Prayer Group.

In recent weeks we have noticed an increase in graces and blessings in those that come to the Prayer Meeting in Cardiff. People being Healed in one way or another!

Testimonies are  being gathered so as to document what people have experienced during the prayer meetings, and through prayer mnistry. Testimonies will be added here as we gather them.

One testimony has already been added; You can read about this now by following the link below:-

Emmys Testimony of Healing - I was Healed in 10 minutes.

Members want to learn more about the Healing Ministry of Jesus

As a result of wtnessing to some recent healings some members have expressed and interest in finding out more about the Healing Ministry of our Lord Jesus and Healing in the Church these days.

As a result of this, we will be producing a library of information which will include books, tapes and CD's & DVD's so that Members may loan and take home for their own personal study so that they may become familiar with the Catholic / Christian Healing Ministry.

We are hoping to have this launched by the Autumn 2013. It will be managed by Members of the St Peter's prayer group, where all the information will be catalogued.

Members will be able to book out the material for a week and then return it. There will not be any charge for this service.